A Story About Human Trafficking

A story of human trafficking – Ben Randall, a traveling photographer who lived in Vietnam, talks about his friend “M”, who was kidnapped from Vietnam. She is believed to be a victim of human trafficking and was most likely sold to be a wife or prostitute in China. Find out how you can raise awareness about human trafficking. Continue Reading →

Travel Philippines: Calitang Beach

  Romantic Vacation Palawan   This guest post was written by Stephanie Long. Warm, white sand feels as fine as dust as it runs through my fingers. Palm trees wave in the wind further along the deserted beach, and the clear blue ocean stretches off unbroken to the horizon.  The motorcycle is parked far behind us in Calitang village, and the sounds of laughing children and village life have been swallowed up by the waves crashing. Calitang beach feels like Continue Reading →

Travel Philippines: Palawan Butterfly Garden

Things To Do Palawan In the backyard of a tiny cottage just a twenty minute drive outside the capital city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, lies the Palawan Butterfly Garden. Visitors who have a little time to spare in Puerto Princesa might find a morning jaunt to view the garden’s beautiful inhabitants a nice way to spend the morning. The garden is enclosed with a net that houses several dozen butterflies and moths that are native to Palawan and to other Continue Reading →