Visiting the Singapore National Zoo

Eat breakfast with an orangutan. Hand-feed a kangaroo. Get dangerously close to lions on an African safari. Ride an elephant. Observe the shenanigans that go on in the animal kingdom while we humans are lost in the world of dreams. You can do it all – and much, much more – during the course of a day (and maybe a night, too) at the Singapore National Zoo. Continue Reading →

A Fine Day of Horse Racing at the Singapore Turf Club

The thundering sound of hooves pounding the grass turf as a pack of thoroughbred horses move in unison toward the finish line is a sight not easily forgotten. If you’re looking to make your journey to Singapore a unique and memorable one, I highly recommend spending a day at the Singapore Turf Club. Continue Reading →

Travel Singapore: The Singapore Zoo Photo Essay

I’ve never been a big fan of zoos, so when I say that you should include a trip to the Singapore Zoo, I really mean it. I’ve been to several zoos, but this one is truly a special zoo. There’s a reason why it’s known all over the world. Continue Reading →

The Fullerton Hotel: Singapore’s Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel is a five-star luxury boutique hotel in Singapore that is world-renowned for its luxuriousness, elegance, and quality of customer service. It’s no small wonder that the Fullerton Hotel Singapore has won major travel awards such as the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List award. The Fullerton Hotel is our choice for luxury accommodations in Singapore. Continue Reading →

Singapore Travel: Day One in Central Singapore

Singapore has been on my travel wish list since my late teens. With a long five-day weekend coming up and knowing that we could use our air miles to travel to one of the world’s three city-states for free, we were booked and ready to go faster than you can say cat on a hot tin roof. Continue Reading →