Wanderfood – Georgian Snickers Bar aka Churchkhela

Churchkhela are a traditional type of Georgian candy from the Caucasus region. They are also referred to as Georgian Snickers bars and they combine two favorite Georgian ingredients – grapes and nuts. Continue Reading →

Things to Do in Sighnaghi, Georgia’s Colorful Wine Region

Sighnaghi, Georgia is a tiny town in Georgia’s easternmost region of Kakheti. It is also home to several important Georgian attractions, such as Bodbe Convent and St George’s Church, which dates back to the 17th century. Continue Reading →

Travel Tbilisi – A Photo Essay Of Georgia’s Capital

Travel Tblisi! Romantic stories are abundant in Georgian culture and it’s easy to see why Tbilisi has such a long and checkered history. It was built upon beauty, ravished by conquerors, and has emerged like a pheonix from the ashes of destruction, yet the city endures and continues to seduce even the most seasoned travelers. Continue Reading →

Travel Georgia: The Road to Kazbegi – A Journey through the Caucasus Mountains

A travel tale of our journey from Tbilisi to the tiny mountain village of Kazbegi in the Caucasus Mountains, just a short 10km away from the Russian border. Continue Reading →

Travel Georgia: Vardzia Cave City

  The Mtkvari river carves its way through the lush and dramatic cliffs of Georgia.  Its course runs like a tour through Georgian history.  Ancient fortresses and castles loom over the river, and ancient trading sites attest to Georgia’s rich history as a crossroads between Europe and Asia.  Eventually, the river’s meandering course passes by the hidden tunnels leading to one of Georgia’s most remarkable sites: the cave city of Vardzia. It doesn’t look like a city or a monastery Continue Reading →

Travel Georgia: Life in a Georgian Village

Travel in Georgia can be charming, but life in a Georgian village is not easy. Often there is no running water or electricity for a day or two. Life tends to be slow-paced, with much of the work being done during the months of spring, summer and fall. Continue Reading →