Series 14 Be@rbricks

My checklist for Series 14. The Be@rbricks highlighted in bold are the ones I have. The following percentage is the assortment rate for each figure. Basic 14.58% Jellybean 8.33% Pattern 11.45% Flag 9.37% Horror – Saw 9.37% Love love love this Be@rbrick! SF – DrX 10.41% Cute 13.54% Animal 11.45% Artist Conrad Leach 4.16% Artist 1.04%

Osaka’s Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses

Osaka is a colorful city with a little something for everyone. It also boasts one of the most charming places I’ve ever been to in all my travels. This was my choice for sightseeing in Osaka and we thoroughly enjoyed spending our afternoon strolling through this gorgeous park. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in traditional Japanese culture and architecture. The Osaka Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses showcases 12 original old farm houses and structures brought from Continue Reading →

My Very First Be@rbrick and some Be@rbrick Love

I’ve been a huge fan of Juan Ariel Comia’s blog, Be@rbrick Love for the past year. I just love these cute little bears and he has the largest collection of anyone I know. Plus, he takes the most amazing photos of his Be@rbricks. To date, he holds over 400 of these cute collectibles, some highly prized for being designed by contemporary artists and designers from around the world. Some of my favorites in his collection include: Merimekko Be@rbrick The Kill Continue Reading →

In Travel: Parks A Plenty

Plain and simple. I like parks. If there’s a park around, I will surely find my way to it at some point or another. I think you can really get a feel for a city when you visit its parks. I come from a park town. Ottawa is well-known for its parks. In fact, there are over 850 to choose from. I like quiet walks through them in winter time. I like hanging out on benches with my friends or Continue Reading →

Tokyo Fashion Police: What’s Wrong With This Picture # 2

This guy was by far the most interesting looking person we’ve seen on our travels and he was more than happy to oblige when we asked for a picture. There’s so much going I totally missed the peak-a-boo nipples until I looked at the picture when we got home. I was too busy gazing with mystification at the live fish swimming in his fishbowl earrings. And the cut-off doll’s head on his hat is just plain creepy. Again though….he’s rockin’ Continue Reading →

Japan Photo Journal: Harajuku Kids and a Battle of the Bands

Spend a day walking around Harajuku and you’ll get more than you ever need for a gaggle of sights. Harajuku is well-known for its boutiques and bistros and famous for its Harajuku Kids and Cos-play-zoku aka The Costume Play Gang. A day spent here is a day in voyeur’s paradise. Continue Reading →