Travel Japan: Our Great Honshu Road Trip

Japan has long been a destination for any traveler dreaming of an excursion in Asia, where teeming mega-cities are offset by ancient temples, and provincial spa towns meet neatly cultivated farm regions and rugged wilderness. A Honshu road trip in Japan is the perfect way to see Japan. Continue Reading →

Culture Tips: How to Eat in Japan

One of the pure joys of traveling is discovering the culinary delights that are at your fingertips. Japan, in particular, is a gastronomes paradise.
The challenge to eating in Japan lies not only in finding local food and ordering successfully, but following the rules of table etiquette so you don’t make any social blunders. Continue Reading →

Photo Moment: Mount Fuji Temple Dolls

One of my favorite photos from Japan is of these colorful little temple dolls. We found them at the last station in a temple 6.3km from the top of Mt. Fuji.  Although the weather refused to cooperate with us that day, we still had a great time exploring the area despite the fact that the elusive mountain remained hidden behind her cloak of clouds and mist.