Chronic Illness Bloggers

A Chronic Voice – Sheryl is one of my favorite chronic illness bloggers and I was lucky enough to meet her in person in 2018. Sheryl had a mini stroke at 14, multiple blood clots in the lungs and legs, a faulty heart rhythm, a gore-tex band for a heart valve, seizures, scars all over her body from various surgeries, and she has never had a break from Lupus in over a decade. By sharing her experiences, Sheryl reaches many of us who are suffering from chronic illness to let us know that it’s okay to feel depressed, sad, or frustrated. Let us simply get through it together one day at a time.

A Frozen Mind – A advocacy blog about migraines and mental health. The author has been diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraine and offers a lot of helpful information on her site.

Brainless Blogger – “This blog is about chronic illness, chronic pain, and invisible disability awareness. The author has chronic migraines, Fibromyalgia, asthma, hypothyroidism, depression, and hypermobility syndrome.”

Brain Lesion and Me – Rhiann was diagnosed with a long-standing brain stem lesion and spastic paraparesis. She has scarring on her brain stem which causes chronic dizziness with frequent episodes of vertigo with visual disturbances. The spastic paraparesis causes stiffness and weakness in the legs, making it uncomfortable when walking and means that I am unable to stand for very long. Rhiann writes openly about her condition, how it affects my daily life, as well as how she is feeling. I love the raw honesty of her writing.

Upbeat Living – Kathy is a disabled registered nurse, single mom of six children ages 18-30 and a writer. Upbeat Living offers an  encouraging and supportive space to ensure we have what it takes to make the most of our lives with chronic illness.

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