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There are lots of reasons why you should advertise on MSW.

MSW is well known in the travel blogosphere. It has ranked among the top 120 personal travel blogs since 2008. In 2013, it started gaining acknowledgement as an expat blog and as a blog for information on chronic illnesses.

I travel a lot, and I’m a long term expat that specializes in writing about travel in Asia. I have worked as a professional writer and editor in Taipei, and I’ve worked on assignment for various Western and Asian publications.

I’ve been travel blogging since 2007.

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In addition to having a well recognized name in the travel business, my husband and I own a company called Reach To Teach Recruiting. We help schools in countries all over the world find teachers, and I have a wide following of teachers, travelers, expats, and other readers who are interested in reading my stories and learning about teaching abroad.

I accept the following types of advertising on MSW: Traditional means of advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored trips, blog sponsorship, and (some) product reviews.