Photo Moment: Little Taiwan in Penghu County

Little Taiwan

This is Little Taiwan.

It’s a slab of rock that is typically visible at low tide on the island of Cimei (Qimei) in Penghu County, Taiwan. It’s famous because of its resemblance to the shape of Taiwan itself. (Taiwanese, by the way, love finding examples of this in nature and making a thing of it. The Queen’s Head Rock in Yehliu Geo Park on the northeast coast of Taiwan is another example. Personally, I think it’s an adorable trait about Taiwan that makes it really unique.)

Little Taiwan is a wave-cut platform, and the Penghu Islands have a number of these rocky platforms . They are usually found at the base of a sea cliff or along the shoreline of a bay, lake or sea; and they’re created by the erosion of waves. This wave-cut platform sits in Donghu Village of Cimei Township  on the northeast side of Cimei Island.

Cimei Island sits in Penghu’s South Sea Recreational Area. You can find the ticket office for this area on Makung Island, which is the main island of Penghu County. Boats leaving from the South Sea Recreational Area will stop at Cimei Island and allow you time to explore the island on foot, by bicycle, or by renting a scooter at the dock.

Other attractions on Cimei Island include Taiwan’s famous Double-Heart Stone Fishing Weir,  a number of stone weir fishing traps, and a rock that is shaped like Gueishan Island. Its rolling green hills, black sand beaches, and cliff tops offer some of the most picturesque panoramas in all of Taiwan.

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