Adventure Travel in Taiwan

Baishawan Beach in northern TaiwanTemperatures soar from 86 t0 100 degrees F during Taiwan’s humid summer months. People  here naturally seek relief at the shore. Taiwan is blessed with many fine sand beaches, the more popular of which include Yehliu, Fulong, Green Bay, and Bai Sha Wan in the north, and Kenting in the south. There are a number of beautiful natural beaches along the East coast National Scenic Area that have remained relatively secluded, but they offer few facilities.

Adventure Travel in Taiwan

People don’t just come to Taiwan’s beaches to work on a tan or go swimming though. An hour outside of Taipei, the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area offers a diverse number of adventure travel activities. Surfing, jet-skiing, wind surfing, hang gliding, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and parasailing are just a few of the activities that people enjoy in Taiwan.

Hiking in Taiwan

The hustle and bustle of Taiwan’s cities are easily escapable. Hikers enjoy beautiful walking trails that wind through dense forest, lakes, wild springs, fruit orchards and waterfalls. Taipei’s Yangming Mountain is one of the most beautiful spots in Taiwan, and it’s easily accessible by Taipei’s excellent public transportation system.

The Central Mountain Range is a stunning scenic area. A sea of clouds often blankets the valleys in early morning. The area is studded with beautiful Swiss style chalets and B&Bs.

Two-thirds of Taiwan are comprised of evergreen highlands, which makes mountain climbing a popular activity in Taiwan. Special permits are required to climb many of the high mountain peaks in Taiwan, but organizations like Taiwan Adventures can help you out with permits. They offer group trips and private hikes and tours.

If you’re looking for something a little easier, there are plenty of trips from Taipei that don’t require passes. Yangminshan offers several opportunities for mountain climbers, or you can travel to Long Dong in the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, which offers rock climbing and views that are out of this world.

Hang Gliding and Parasailing

Hang gliding and parasailing are popular activities in Taiwan. Green Bay’s steady winds offer perfect hang-gliding and paragliding opportunities for adventure seekers of all levels. The Luye Plateau in Taitung County offers inspiring scenery for hang gliders. Yilan, Hualien, Puli and Keelung are popular locations for those who are interested in parasailing. Search WingsTaiwan for more information.

Snorkeling, Diving and Surfing

Taiwan’s coastal waters offer a fascinating glimpse of life underwater. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities in Taiwan. Taiwan’s waters are relatively safe. Sharks and other dangerous fish are rarely seen here.

If diving’s your thing, the north shore from Danshui to Suao offers plenty of well known summertime diving spots. During the months of winter, divers head south to Kenting’s warm waters. Kenting National Park is through to be Taiwan’s best diving area. Green Island and Orchid Island off of Taiwan’s southeast coast are also popular amongst divers.

Taiwan has an active surf culture and there are beaches all over Taiwan that offer nice waves. Baishawan, Jinshan and Fulong in Northern Taiwan offer some fine surfing opportunities, while Kenting National Park in the south offers some of the finest surf spots on the island.

White Water Rafting

Year-round white water rafting is available on the Xiuguluan River in Hualien County in southeastern Taiwan. Your adventure begins near the town of Chuisui, which is about 90 minutes south of Hualien. The raft company supplies eight-person rafts, safety gear, and boxed lunches for the four-hour raft trip. It costs around NT$1,000 per person. Bring your own towels and dry clothes for a hot shower at the end of your trip.



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2 thoughts on “Adventure Travel in Taiwan

    Dan @ A Cruising Couple

    (November 12, 2013 - 11:24 pm)

    We loved all the activities in Taiwan! The hiking is particularly incredible (if you can get a sunny day :-p) We did a 3-day cycling trip from Hualien to Taitung through the East Coast National Scenic Area and the East Rift Valley which was gorgeous. I wish we would have tried hang gliding though!

      Carrie Kellenberger

      (November 14, 2013 - 3:46 pm)

      We’ve been to all of those as well. Have you done any of the Cross Central Island Highways? The Central and Southern highways are stunning for cycling.

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