Travel Tips for Your Holiday in Tunisia

map of Tunisia

Tunisia is a fantastic country that is rich in culture and history, as well as being perfect for a relaxing beach holiday with the family. Tunisia is the smallest country in North Africa. It’s bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterrean Sea to the north and east.

There are a huge number of things to see and do in a climate that’s almost ideal for sun vacationers. If you’re thinking about booking a holiday in Tunisia, here are some simple tips to help you find the best things to do while you’re in the country.

The climate in Tunisia is very typically Mediterranean which means that the temperatures year round stay fairly high. In the winter temperatures sit around 15C, rarely dropping below 12C.

In the height of summer they can soar to more than 30C. You are guaranteed a sunny holiday almost all year round, with cooling breezes from the sea.

The optimum times of year to visit Tunisia are between March and June and September to November. During the summer months of July and August, the country is often overcrowded with families.

The capital city of Tunis, located on the stunning Gulf of Tunis, is a must-see for many tourists and travellers. It mixes ancient and modern culture with tiny labyrinthine passages running alongside fabulous architecture.

If you choose to take a trip into the city, you can’t miss a visit to the souks hidden in amongst the ancient Medina – an array of colour, noise and good deals, you’re bound to have a great time experiencing something new.

Head a little way into the outskirts of the city to wander the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage which dates back to around 814BC and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sousse Beach

Sousse Beach

Tunisia is also famed for its stunning stretches of sparkling sand. Sousse is the ideal resort to visit for sun seekers who want nothing more than to laze on the beach, but also offers more for those who might get a bit fed up of beaches after a while.

There are plenty of beach front hotels that offer spectacular views out over the ocean such as Riadh Palms. The resort is also known to have a lively nightlife, but is still a great place for families.

Immerse the kids in a bit of culture by taking them to the Great Mosque of Sousse or the Ribat of Sousse for views over the town and out to sea.

If the kids want to do something a bit more active, almost every Tunisian tourist beach will offer some sort of water sport, from windsurfing and jet skiing to diving and snorkelling. Or you could get a little more adventurous and try out camel riding!

Not far from Tunis in Yasmin Hammamet is something that will get the kids even more excited: Carthageland. It is not just a theme park, it also has water rides, a ‘discovery centre’ as well as zoo with animals for kids to see.

When you go out to eat in Tunisia, make sure to try a variety of the different foods on offer. Tunisia is famed for its mix of French and Arabic cuisines with plenty of spices, lamb and sea food.

Harissa is one of the most important foods for Tunisians, made up of dried chillies and added as a flavour or side to many dishes. Brik is a traditional appetizer or snack of crispy pastry in a triangle shape filled with minced lamb or beef, egg and onions.

Many restaurants offer fish such as Sea Bass, Red Mullet or Sea Bream as a speciality grilled whole and served with couscous. And make sure not to miss out on the sugary treat that is Baklawa, a filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and doused in syrup or honey.

Whatever your reasons for visiting, Tunisia promises to be an adventure that shouldn’t be missed!



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    I have been to Marocco and I really liked it! So I’m thinking of going back to Africa and visit Algeria or Tunisia this year. I love Arab culture and traditions. Could you give me your opinion on which of the 2 countries is better to visit at the end of June? I was thinking Algeria but after reading your article about Tunisia I am not sure…


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