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5 responses to “Travel England: Windermere, the Lake District”

  1. Tom Miller

    The Rydal Water seems interesting. I personally love to watch the lovely scenes of land meeting water. Thanks for sharing these information.

  2. Tracey

    So very true… you speak of my ex-stomping ground. I grew up only an hour from the lakes. The area has inspired artists, writers and poets. People miss out by not popping up north.

    1. Carrie

      I always try to make out to a few out of the way places whenever I’m on the road, but I am always quite amazed at the number of travelers who never make it past the capital city of a country.

  3. Brandon Elijah Scott

    I unfortunately just missed stopping in the area on a drive from Edinburgh to Liverpool :(. Good post though!

  4. Philip Burton

    I think you missed a heading when highlighting the Lake District. As a local bed and breakfast in The Lake District one of the reasons people come is for the food an local drink. We have Michelin restaurants, for example Holbeck Ghyll, and in Windermere and Bowness some high class quality restaurants for example Gilpin Lodge (for both you get a free glass of champagne if stay with us- had to get that in, sorry) and then there are the 36 or so Cumbrian Brewers, local food, even a local gin, artisan bakers, local makers of jams and marmalade, chutneys, pies, local food festivals and………….. I could go on

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