Stephanie spent most of her life in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After traveling through Europe during University, she fell in love with the excitement of travel, and with the challenge of living in a new country. An interest in Chinese culture and language led Stephanie to her current home in Taipei, Taiwan, which she uses as a base for travels throughout Taiwan and the rest of Asia. In addition to writing for My Several Worlds, Stephanie writes about her travels and adventures on her website, When she’s not busy writing, Stephanie spends her time playing music, and planning her next adventure.

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7 responses to “Hong Kong’s Tai O Fishing Village”

  1. Geoffrey Buttons

    Hi Stephanie,

    I heard there is one nice hotel in Tai O, but it is quite expensive. Are there small guesthouse options?

  2. Mike

    I’ve tried Tai O’s dried fish which really delicious and perfect for breakfast. People there are really kind and helpful for visitors like me.

    1. Carrie

      Hi Mike,

      I’m not sure if I can entertain the thought of dried fish for breakfast. Despite having lived in Asia for over a decade, there are some Western habits that I just haven’t been able to break. Thanks for stopping by. I stopped by your site and wanted to leave a comment on your most recent Hong Kong post, but I was told I need to log in.

  3. Ava Apollo

    I wouldn’t have expected that something this quaint was right outside of Hong Kong! Very cool. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. London Blogger

    When I was in Hongkong, I tried almost all exotic food in restaurants and streets. Lots of seafood grilling which I really like. It costs very low but still delicious. I wish I could have gone to Tai O fishing village.

  5. Susan@Travel Universally

    Hi Stephanie first of all I am Sorry to say that I am Vegetarian but I love fishing. So my simple question is , Whats the best Veg food for the Vegan people like me? Thanks

  6. Paul

    I went to Tai O a couple of weekends ago. It’s a snackers paradise!

    Must try: 1) Egg waffle balls from the old sunglasses-wearing guy with the angry dog. 2) Grilled squid from the straw hat-wearing guy with the impeccable fan-wafting skills.

    Both can be found on one of the main village streets – same place every weekend. And both are v delicious!

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