Stephanie spent most of her life in a small town near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After traveling through Europe during University, she fell in love with the excitement of travel, and with the challenge of living in a new country. An interest in Chinese culture and language led Stephanie to her current home in Taipei, Taiwan, which she uses as a base for travels throughout Taiwan and the rest of Asia. In addition to writing for My Several Worlds, Stephanie writes about her travels and adventures on her website, When she’s not busy writing, Stephanie spends her time playing music, and planning her next adventure.

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3 responses to “Hiking in Taiwan: Huang Di Dian – The Emperor’s Throne”

  1. Carrie

    Great photos and a terrific read, Stephanie. I love that you’re doing all of these incredible hikes in Taiwan. I don’t go on hikes very often, but you’ve certainly inspired me to get a move on!

  2. Hogga

    Great views from those peaks! Although I was hoping there would be a throne to sit on at the top lol…

  3. Sara K.

    I’ve done Huangdidian myself and I enjoyed the hike. Yet it is not one of my favourite hiking experiences in Taiwan. Some of the hikes which have left really deep impression on me are: Chahushan/Banpingshan in Jinguashi (in November – this is definitely THE hike to do in November), the Jiajiuliao trail (Sanxia to Wulai), Hsiaotzishan (Pingxi), the Sandiaoling Waterfall trail, and Shisunjian/Shulungjian (Pingxi).

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