Ava Apollo grew up in Southern California where she had exposure to a wide variety of languages and cultures. After her University years, Ava spent a year in Taipei where her love of Travel, Chinese language, and writing were intensified. Ava has since returned to California, however, she remains a lover of writing about Asia and traveling the world. Find her on twitter: www.twitter/.com/avaapollo and her travel blog bemytravelmuse.com.

8 responses to “Who are the Betel Nut Beauties?”

  1. lara dunston

    Great story! I guess they’re like the cigarette girls that we see in classic American/British/Australian films that were around from the 1920s through to the 1960s, selling cigarettes from trays that hung around their necks in ritzy restaurants, clubs, and casinos…they also wore skimpy outfits that were risque for the day.

    1. ava apollo

      Excellent parallel. Wish I’d thought of that!

  2. Jack Norell

    Great article. I’m quite happy that my initial parallels to the ‘window girls’ in Amsterdam weren’t appropriate. Now *that* really threw me going there. I’m assuming that the betel nut girls can at times have a risky job, but it sounds like, overall, they’re getting ahead rather than being exploited. Can’t be a nice job though, (apparently) being on high heels all day is murder, no matter how much you do it.

  3. Josh

    Great article – both with Tobie’s photos and the narrative by Ava. They also remind me of the beer girls (“pijou xiaojie” I think?) at bars and restaurants – I wonder if any comparisons/contrasts can be made between the two?

  4. faizal

    Had a pleasure of being involved in a military exercise in Kaohsiung once and these betel nut ladies were everywhere! Not that anyone from my motor transport unit is complaining, they’re a very very welcome sight after long hard days of driving around the countryside. Think some of them have uniform fetishes as they were all over us when we pull up. Then again, it must just have been a marketing guise – hard to tell since I can only speak a few phrases of Mandarin :)

    PS : Hello C :)

    1. Carrie

      Hi hi hi! It’s been ages. Hope you’ve been doing well. Are you still plugging away at your academic career?

  5. Lief

    Nicely written, nicely photographed!

  6. ava apollo

    Thanks for reading, Henry :)

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