Travel Taiwan: 12 Incredible Images From Our Taiwan Photographers

In the past six months, the writers here at MSW have stepped up the pace in an effort to promote Taiwan as an Asian travel destination. We’ve had an incredible response to our Travel Taiwan series.

The images that you see here today were contributed by an online community of photographers called Taiwan Photographers. We look forward to bringing you more images from Taiwan in the coming months.

1. Ba Yan Wild Springs, Northern TaiwanPhoto by Stu Dawson

Ba Yan Wild Springs - 八煙野溪溫泉

2. Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan Photo by Girl on a Wire

3. Spirited Away in Jiufen in Northern Taiwan – Photo by Olivia Wycech

Spirited Sway in Jiufen

4. Hsinchu East Gate, Northern TaiwanPhoto by Elvis Yu has been withdrawn.

5. Sunrise on Jade Mountain, Central TaiwanPhoto by Josh Ellis


6. Beitou Hot Springs, Northern Taiwan Photo by Peter O’Driscoll

Beitou Hotsprings, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C.

7. 2010 Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi, Northern TaiwanPhoto by Dilip Bhoye

Sky Lantern Festival

8. Dome of Light, Kaohsiung, Southern TaiwanPhoto by Carrie Kellenberger

Dome of Light, Koahsiung MRT

9. Making Noodles in Changhua, Central TaiwanPhoto by Craig Ferguson Images


10. Dusk on Hehuan Mountain, Central TaiwanPhoto by Marty McFly

Dusk and dawn on HeHuanShan

11. Nengao Hiking Trail, Central TaiwanPhoto by Neil Wade Photography

NengGao Hiking Trail - Hikers Sitting on a Suspension Bridge

12. Butcher Knife MassagePhoto by Darren Melrose

the Daily Someone - January 10

12 thoughts on “Travel Taiwan: 12 Incredible Images From Our Taiwan Photographers

  1. Dina

    Great photo collection! I like the Ba Yan Wild Spring and sunset photo a lot, but I hope there’s nobody die out of the butcher knife massage!

  2. Karl

    Wonderful selections of several of Taiwan’s diverse, but beautiful attractions. I lived there for 2+ years but I never visited a few of the places shown here. I’d love to return.


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