Miracle Art Space: Where Gallery Meets Cafe

Today’s guest post is written by Yi – Creative freelancer and lover of photography, travel, sneakers & street art.

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When a new cafe opens in Taipei, it gets quickly discovered by young hipsters and before you know it, the cafe will be occupied by MacBooks and smartphones. And the newly opened Miracle Art Space cafe is no different and is the perfect breeding ground for hipsters.

As the name partially suggests, Miracle Art Space combines cafe and art together in an open space. This three-story cafe exudes style with its minimalistic design of sharp lines and clean, white color palette.

Miracle Art Space is on Zhongshan N. Rd Sec 1, just before Nangjing Rd.

The large, floor-to-ceiling windows make it an ideal working environment with plenty of natural lighting. It’s also a nice place to procrastinate and watch the pedestrians below as you sip your latte, tea or freshly squeezed fruit juice. You can chill out to the ambient music of jazz and soft vocals.

Miracle Art Space is a great spot to get those creative juices flowing. It has a comprehensive selection of design magazines, books and just generally nice things to look at.

When I was there, I was lucky enough to have met with the owner Christine. She not only runs the place, but creates the sculpture-like jewelery that’s on display as you enter the cafe. She’s been making jewelery for over 15 years and works with a team of designers.

One of Christine’s motivations for opening the cafe was to have a unique way of displaying her jewelery designs. She wanted the cafe to be like an open gallery, minus the coldness and intimidation. She hopes to ultimately blur the lines between the two by giving opportunities to budding artists to display their various artworks around the cafe.

Christine’s European flair comes across in the food. With a wide selection of hors d’oeuvres ranging from salmon with cream cheese, to honeydew wrapped in prosciutto. If that’s all too conceptual for you, then there’s always the beef club sandwich — which is delicious mind you.

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