Ava Apollo grew up in Southern California where she had exposure to a wide variety of languages and cultures. After her University years, Ava spent a year in Taipei where her love of Travel, Chinese language, and writing were intensified. Ava has since returned to California, however, she remains a lover of writing about Asia and traveling the world. Find her on twitter: www.twitter/.com/avaapollo and her travel blog bemytravelmuse.com.

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3 responses to “Curious Things About Life in Taipei”

  1. Slava

    Did you really move to a foreign country without any plan? Wow, that’s… brave :)

  2. Ava Apollo

    Slava, I booked a hotel room for three days when I got there. That was my time frame for finding a place to live and figuring everything out. I wouldn’t recommend going that route, however. It was just a little on the stressful side!

  3. Fred Reddy

    OMG, the trash truck song! I had the EXACT same experience when I visited Taiwan for the first time. I asked my friend, “Who buys ice cream at 7:00p.m.?”. He just stared at me and laughed.

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