Learn Chinese with Peggy Lee (1) – Tones and Basic Greetings

Today, I’m happy to announce the first of a series of language and culture videos from a young woman in Taiwan who will not only introduce this beautiful island that I live on, but will also teach us how to speak Chinese.

The star of these videos, Peggy Lee, is an enterprising young college student whose YouTube Chinese language learning videos cover everything from basic pronunciation to conversational Chinese. Her goal? To provide useful information for those who are serious about learning Chinese but have no time for Chinese classes or for those who will be traveling to Chinese speaking countries.

If Mandarin Chinese is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but you’ve never had the time to do, then these videos are perfect for you.

Learn Chinese with Peggy Lee

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I also provide paid tutor lessons via Skype.

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10 thoughts on “Learn Chinese with Peggy Lee (1) – Tones and Basic Greetings

    • Carrie Post author

      Thank you! I’m really excited about it, too. Peggy is one of the most energetic and charismatic people I know and I’m really happy to have her on the MSW team!

  1. Erica

    Thank you so much for sharing these videos! I’ve wanted to learn Chinese for a long time.
    .-= Erica ´s last blog ..Music That Makes Me Happy: Run Away =-.

  2. soultravelers3

    Thanks so much for telling me about this! I actually recently discovered her on Youtube on my own, as I was looking for fun ways to help my daughter with Mandarin, but knowing that you know her in person & recommend her, means so much!

    My daughter is about to start Mandarin classes with John Hopkins University CTY online classes, but Peggy will be a great addition for us! (Funny because kidlet goes to the local school in Spain so immersing in that as well, but it’s strong now, so time to immerse deeply in her 3rd language while she is young enough to make it easier. )

    Next winter, my daughter will go to a school that is all in Mandarin Chinese, so we want to prepare her as much as possible beforehand & we all want to learn some as well. Both her piano & violin teachers say she has an amazing ear, so I hope that & the Mandarin that she had as a baby will make it easier for her. It is hard for my ear to hear that much differences in the ma sounds above.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! Hope we can connect when we get to Asia!
    .-= soultravelers3´s last blog ..Seth Godin, Linchpin, Education & Travel =-.

    • Carrie Post author

      Hi Jeanne,

      You’re welcome. I’ve been reading your updates about Mozart’s online Chinese classes with John Hopkins University. It sounds like she’s having fun. It will be interesting to see how she likes Peggy. Please keep me updated.

    • Carrie Post author

      Hi Michelle,

      I’m glad I could help. I was studying quite a bit last year, but life got in the way. 😉 I like the idea of studying with Peggy on Skype in the comfort of my own home. I’m thinking about starting classes with her after Chinese New Year.

  3. Shawn K.

    Very nice video, thanks for sharing!

    I took Mandarin Chinese myself and find some parts easy and some very difficult.
    Certain sounds can be hard, they seem correct but such slight difference means much.
    .-= Shawn K.´s last blog ..Blogging & SEO: An Old Dog’s Guide =-.


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