Graffiti Walk: Pop Culture in Ximending

Bollywood in Ximending

Bollywood in Ximending

One Saturday afternoon over Chinese New Year, I joined a few of the students in my creative writing class on a jaunt through the trendy streets of Ximending. This area in Taipei is where the young and hip crowd hang. It’s a lively place, especially on weekends. There are several movie theaters, restaurants, and conventionally cool clothing stores. It’s a great place to people watch.  Ximending also has a cool arty undertone to it. Storefronts are a jumble of colored lights, naked wires, and kitschy signs. This is where you’ll find tattoo and piercing shops, and your hardcore vinyl collectors. Taipei’s most fashionably-dressed roam the streets, and the streets are, in some places, literally works of art.

Princeton’s WordNetWeb defines graffiti as: a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls. Yet, here in Taipei, the walls are the manifested dreams of talented artists. Taipei’s urban youth reaching for artistic style and development have found their own sort of personal fame and respect on these walls.

Have a peek at how beautiful the streets of Ximending look.

City Marx - Taipei's Street Artists

Taiwan Movie History - Graffiti in Ximending

Grafitti in Ximending

Oh, Audrey - Love from Ximending

Last Night the DJ Saved My Life

Heroes and Dragons - Graffiti in Ximending

Graffiti Ride


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26 thoughts on “Graffiti Walk: Pop Culture in Ximending

    • Carrie Post author

      I love the area. These two streets in particular are a little hard to find. My students showed me, but I can barely remember where we went. We walked around for an hour or so trying to find it before they figured out where it is.

  1. roentarre

    Seriously, I will be back to taipei in next week. I am going to hunt down these fabulous graffiti to photograph!

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    • Carrie Post author

      Hi Nellie,
      Thanks for stopping in again. I’m a big fan, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen graffiti as nice as this, though.

  3. Nik

    Great street art there. I remember some of the graffittis I saw in Hong Kong was very picturesque as well… definitely NOT something you get to see in Singapore… right Nellie? 😉

  4. kim

    Impressive! I wish they’d have more of this kind of graffiti over here, instead of all the dumb tags. There used to be a team working in Antwerp called ‘Animal Farm’ who did animal graffiti all over town, but they disappeared.

    • Carrie Post author

      Hi Kim,

      I agree. I’d much rather see graffiti like this than the tags we see everywhere else. Despite this, graffiti still makes our world a lot more colorful. I think it’s a really interesting window into life and culture.

  5. Nivin

    Hey these are really cool captures! I’ve seen alot in London..being an artist, I tried it myself at home. Its not that easy you kno! and these people are really talented. Nice work Carrie.

  6. Peter

    Carrie – do you have street names or a map of the area where these were taken? I am coming to Taipei in July and would really like to check out this area. Many thanks!

    • Carrie Post author

      Hi Peter,
      Wish I could help you, but these works of art are located in the small back alleys of Ximending. It’s a great place to wander around, and you should be able to find them if you give it a little time.

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