Photo Moment: Portrait of a Lao Woman

Lao Village Woman 

While trekking through Northern Lao, we happened upon a village high in the mountains.  There are still places in Asia where foreigners are a rare and unexpected treat.  This was one of those times.

2 thoughts on “Photo Moment: Portrait of a Lao Woman

  1. Andy of

    I got stranded in a village in Laos over New Years a few years ago when the truck drivers decided not to pass by for a few days. I had this little room with press board walls, maybe cost about 2 dollars per night. I would take a chair down and sit in front of the small guesthouse. People of the village would come by with their children and point at me. It was surrealistic, as if I did not understand they was looking at me. Thanks from Andy of in Guatemala Travel Blog and Hotels


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