Wedding Countdown: OMG Two Months to GO!

This day is a landmark day for two reasons.  I’m heading home a month from today and it’s exactly two months until our wedding. My posts here have been short and infrequent.  I apologize.  A new job, a visit home for the first time in two years (including my first Christmas in six!!) and a wedding to plan are taking precedence. 

John has finally purchased his plane tickets and he picked up a sweet deal on eBay for Economy-Plus, which means we’re both flying home in a bit more comfort than we’re normally accustomed to. What a guy, I tell ya! I was completely bummed when his tickets went up because that’s when I realized I’d be flying home without him and coming back to Taiwan as his wife, but not with him.  I don’t know how he did it, and I don’t care.  It’s the best Christmas present to date! 

He has also purchased his wedding attire and has placed the orders for his groomsmen. They’re all going to look really handsome.  I can’t wait to see them all-dressed up.

My shoes have been ordered. Actually, they are a wedding gift courtesy of my bestest gal in the world, Ms. Claire Breen. They’re fabulouso and I can’t wait to see them in all their glory. John isn’t going to know what to do when he sees them.

The dresses for my bridesmaids also arrived earlier this month and I love, love, love the color. I was really worried because things never look the same on-line, but the site I dealt with,, was awesome.  The dresses arrived early and fit quite well from what we can tell so far.

Last weekend, John and I scoured the textile markets for some goodies. As most of you know, I’m a crafty kinda gal, and would rather make it to give it that extra special touch. So, I’m endeavouring to make my first veil.  I’m not too worried about this as I worked in the bridal industry as a jewellery desinger for years and I’m sure I can figure out the details. I’ve got loads of feathers, mirabou, crystal and appliques to work with, and who knows? If it turns out well, I might be adding this to my jewellery line back in Canada.

I found some fabulous chunks of Swarovski crystal and made my jewellery and the jewellery for my bridesmaids and my Mom.  I also picked some special pieces up to supplement my business back home.  You might see some photos up on My Several Worlds if I ever get around to taking them. Jewellery is a pain to photograph.

The additional costs of getting married at a resort can really add up, so we’ve decided to cut costs with the bouquets by going with something a little out of the ordinary and also very practical for the bridesmaids to carry. I found some beautiful fabric last weekend to match and I’m going to get started on that once I get home. You’ll have to wait until the wedding photos though.  I’m not giving that suprise up until the big day.

So, things are going smoothly. Five weekends left and we are slowly turning into Tazmanian devils. But hey, that’s what weddings are all about!

2 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown: OMG Two Months to GO!

  1. Monna

    Hi Carrie! I found your terrific blog a few days ago… probably through Nomadic Matt. What a tiny world it is… I am originally from a tiny town between Winchester and Metcalfe, Ontario. Like you and your fiance, my guy and I are teachers living abroad; this is our third year in Barcelona. I mentioned your lovely blog on my newest post on Teacher Meets World. Have a great Sunday and best wishes with your wedding plans!

  2. Carrie Post author

    Hi Monna,
    How nice of you to drop by. I see you’re on Twitter as well. It seems like Matt knows everyone! It is a small world indeed, although for the first time in six years, I am surrounded by Canadians from my hometown! Thanks for mentioning my blog on Teacher Meets World. I’ll be sure to reciprocate. I’m looking forward to catching up on your adventures in Barcelona!


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