Wedding Countdown: Three Months to Go!!!

How is it possible and where does the time go?  It feels like I was writing my ‘six months to go’ post a few short weeks ago and now we’re down to three months!  John and I head home to North America on November 11th, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to this trip, and not just because of the wedding.  I’ve been feeling really burnt out lately and desperately need a change of pace.

John and I have been busy every weekend trying to get details sorted out.  This month, he found his wedding attire, got in touch with his groomsmen and ordered their wedding attire as well.  He did a great job picking out a beautiful linen suit that will work well with or without the jacket.  I think the groomsmen will be pleasantly surprised by the outfits.  My guy’s got great taste and I’m sure the whole bridal party is going to look amazing.

We also ordered our wedding favors last week, which was rather exciting and a little confusing.  Exciting because we’ve picked out some fabulous goodies and confusing because despite asking people to RSVP to us by today at the latest, we still haven’t heard from a number of guests.

On the other hand, after sitting down and taking a good look at our budget and guest list, we were astonished to learn we have 27 confirmed guests. I think my Mom was surprised, too.  It’s more than we were expecting, and we’re absolutely thrilled that people are going to spend the week with us.

The only thing I’m still worrying about is whether the groom actually makes it to the wedding. John still hasn’t booked his ticket home, which means we definitely won’t be flying home or back to Taiwan together.  I booked my tickets several months ago and he decided to wait to see if he could get a cheaper ticket and his ticket prices have continued to climb. Since he pulled off his wedding attire so well, I’m assuming he’s going to work a miracle and get his plane ticket home for next to nothing, and if not, well, we’ll work with what we’ve got.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown: Three Months to Go!!!

  1. Kim

    Don’t worry, I bet John will pull it off (and if not it would make a great anecdote for your grandchildren 😉 )
    I’m already looking forward to the wedding pictures!

  2. Carrie Post author


    Me too. The hardest part with all of this was ordering everything on-line sight unseen. By the time I see the dresses, it will be do late to do anything about it, so I’m praying they’re going to look as gorgeous as they do on the website.

  3. Carrie Post author


    He can and will. I just hope his tickets aren’t ridiculously expensive. I can’t believe how much flight costs have gone up. I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures too….


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