Postcards From Penghu: Jibei Island

Coral Beach

Our third day in Penghu dawned nice and early. After a quick breakfast, we collected everyone and headed to the pier to take a high-speed boat to Ji Bei Island, home to blessedly beautiful sand and coral beaches.

My first glimpse of the island was from the sea. A long golden beach stretched out along the horizon, studded with a few colorful beach umbrellas. There weren’t any buildings of any kind visible. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like finding a tropical oasis in the middle of the ocean. I felt a rush of excitement as we pulled up to the dock.

Give me a beach anyday! Screw the deep-sea squid fishing!


Jibei Island, also known as Baisha Island, is most famous for its beaches and windsurfing. The topography is remarkably desert-like, with low-lying bushes. This magnificent stretch of beach runs for a few kilometers, catering to beach lovers of every sort. I would love to see an aerial view of the island.

The best way to explore Jibei is by scooter. We wound along the narrow cement paths through the low-lying brush in the heat of a summer morning, before finding a small respite from the shade under an open-air wooden picnic area. A few short meters away lay a perfectly placid and unspoiled coral beach. We spent the hottest hours of the day in the shade, enjoying the cool breeze blowing off the water. Then we headed into a small village for a fresh seafood lunch before hitting the beach for a few hours.

Jerry on Coral Beach

All in all, this trip was a good first experience for Penghu and it certainly had the desired effect of leaving me wanting more. John and I are considering a return trip over the October holidays. Seems to me that it might be the perfect place to enjoy the sun and relax before our big day!

Carrie says:

Hi Kim,

We have great taste. The scooter photo is my favorite one too!

Kim says:

Late to join the chorus, but: great pictures, the one of the scooter trail is really very good, my favourite of this set.

Carrie says:

Hi Jo,

That’s Jerry, Queenie’s husband. I couldn’t resist when he plunked himself down like that. He definitely made himself at home on the beach.

Carrie says:

You’re not going to believe me Steve. I confess. I used the kit lens because I haven’t had the cash to purchase a new one, and you know what? I’m always pleasantly surprised by how some of these photos turn out!

Joanna says:

Amazing pictures Carrie! The last one is my favorite as it speaks of the relaxed tranquility of being by the ocean. How I would love to melt into the sand like your subject.

Stevo says:

Amazing photos, Carrie. What lens are you using?

The more I visit your blog the more I want to visit Taiwan.

Carrie says:

Hi K,

Great question. Half of the beaches on Jibei Island are coral beaches. It wasn’t too bad to walk on, although I didn’t try lying on it like Jerry. This was a first for me too. I’ve seen black volcanic sand beaches, but never beaches with this much coral washed up on the shore. It was definitely a cool experience!

Carrie says:

Hi Michelle,

It is! I can’t wait to go back. It’s one of the nicest beaches I’ve been to in Asia. The only other beach that compares is in Nga Trang, Vietnam.

Ashish says:

Fantastic pictures Carrie especially the one you took from your scooter. Wish I could one of those. Penghu is on my list of must-see for long time now. I better hurry before this summer is gone.

Krzysztof says:

Empty spaces are very exciting. Anytime I stay in such places I revive. I think Penghu it’s a good place to regain an energy which you’ve lost.
I have the question about the last picture. I see the man who is lying on the ground. It isn’t a sand, is it? What is that? It looks like sharp stones. How can he lie on it? It must be hurt but on the other hand he looks very relaxed.

michelle G says:

Carrie this does look like a great place to relax!