A Canadian expat that has been living abroad in Asia since 2003, Carrie moved from China to Taiwan in 2006 to teach English as a Second Language. Today, she and her husband are co-owners of Reach To Teach Recruiting . Carrie also works as a freelance travel writer and photographer, providing regular content to several publishing companies and travel publications in Asia and North America. Follow Carrie on Google+ or on Twitter @globetrotteri.

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15 responses to “Yehliu Geopark in Taiwan”

  1. Ashish

    Awesome photos Carrie. It does look like Lunar landscape :D
    I will have to visit this place. Thanks for letting us know the details about getting there.

  2. Yu-Fen

    I enjoyed reading more about Yehliu and all those fascinating names such as candle rock, honeycomb rock, etc. And it’s nice to get useful information about visiting that geo-park. I’ve seen these fantastic photos on your photo stream and now with words!! I hope to go there this summer! Hope your week was fine and not too stressful! Talk to you later. Have a nice weekend, dear Carrie.

  3. cfimages

    Another cool little place that I have yet to go to. Nice photos although they look a little underexposed. If you shot them in RAW try adding a little to the exposure slider to bring the histogram closer to the right edge; if you shot them in JPG then try a Levels or Curves adjustment layer in Photoshop.

  4. Krzysztof

    Taiwan has a very varied lands. Those rocks reminds me an area of red planet or Grand Canyon. Amazing place. Your pictures are brilliant. Those shapes are fascinating.

  5. kim

    Amazing picture set Carrie! The area is unlike anything I’ve seen before, seems like a set from Star Wars. This place will be added to my 43places list! (as soon as I get an opening)

  6. Nomadic Matt

    Carrie, you made my blog list this week! :)

  7. Stevo

    Stunning photos. Yet another reason for me to visit Taiwan.

  8. Joanna

    Wow Carrie you are one talented lady and your photos are amazing!

    Love you,


  9. Jane said that my joys are simple. « Ling

    [...] be a very happy girl if I can go to Yehliu, Wulai, Danshui and Taroko [...]

  10. Barbara Smith

    The photos are fantastic and stunning! Looking forward to spending time here.

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