A Canadian expat that has been living abroad in Asia since 2003, Carrie moved from China to Taiwan in 2006 to teach English as a Second Language. Today, she and her husband are co-owners of Reach To Teach Recruiting . Carrie also works as a freelance travel writer and photographer, providing regular content to several publishing companies and travel publications in Asia and North America. Follow Carrie on Google+ or on Twitter @globetrotteri.

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63 responses to “The Haunted Pod Village of San-zhi”

  1. Mark Forman

    If I were a real ghost I’d like to live here…

  2. Stevo

    Great shots, Carrie. I would go to Taiwan just to visit this place.

  3. cfimages

    Cool photos. Much better than the ones I took. The first time I was the, the big blue waterslide was still in place, although a bit broken, and you could walk up it if you were careful. The 2nd time I was there, it had fallen down.

  4. kim

    The place looks like something out of a movie! I suppose it is because of the local superstition that the pod village wasn’t rebuilt. It reminds me a bit of the ‘abandoned fairground’ concept (but less spooky due to the absense of potential clown-ghosts).

  5. Todd

    I’ve been meaning to go there for awhile! Thanks for the great pics to tide me over in the meantime!

  6. Fighting Windmills

    Awesome photos, Carrie. :) Thanks for posting them.

  7. arex

    You know, I drove past that place a few times in tw and was always creeped out by it. I can’t find it right now, but I remember some photog artist shot models in that park that were both cool and kinda creepy. The first time I drove by, I thought how often in Asia (esp in China) lots of people can build things, but maintenance is a whole different factor altogether.

    Nice shots.

  8. Mia

    Supersitition being what it is in Chinese culture would explain a lot. And poor workmanship is another factor I am sure. I love the concept and the view from your other photos were fantastic. Your photos keep making me want to go back to my birthplace.

  9. jason

    Nice…I drove by this place back in April 1995…never forgot it. Surprised to see it still standing….

  10. Bearbrick Lover

    What an eerie place! You got me hooked, Carrie, from the pics to the storytelling. Great entry! :-)

  11. Krzysztof

    It’s an ideal scenery to film a horror ;) Personally I’m not a supporter such a futurist shapes. Hoever this place looks very amazing. I like this sculpture of dragon. Nice shots Carrie.

  12. Lalla Lydia

    What an eerie yet intriguing place…It reminds me of the kind of places Miyazaki likes to imagine for his films. Thanks for the lovely pics! They do look just like (old) candy…

    PS: You’ve been tagged!

  13. Fili


    Fantastic. Completely surreal.

  14. Patrick Cowsill

    I cycle by this place all the time. This, for my money, is one of the best cycling routes around Taipei and I often escape along this highway on my own. According to locals, the pods are haunted. They say that if you photograph them, ghosts will appear in the shots, shimmering in the glass.

  15. RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  16. Shilpa

    beautiful photos.. i loved the building made.. it is something different..
    thanks anyways for the photos..

  17. Ssam

    Great photos and story! the place looks really creepy and cool at the same time. might want to visit someday…It would be interesting if someone took the original designs and rebuilt “Pod-village”.

  18. afrokenjonny

    As a previous resident of Taiwan, I have never heard of this- so i did some research and maybe i could clarify some issues :)
    this was actually not designed in the 60s. this was actually designed in the late 70s and late 80s and last worked on in 1989. the confusion comes from the fact that Taiwan has a parallel calendar system that counts years from 1911, marking the formation of the Republic of China (hence, Republic Years late 60s= late 1970s in Gegorian calendar.

    this collection was originally built as a fancy club designed by an eccentric architect nicknamed “Old Taro” Construction halted in early 1980 because of the fear of the economic storm, as well as the construction company not able to move money around. Construction recommenced in 1989 when the project found new investors including the Hilton chain, and the vision was changed to become a resort hotel. Yet again negotiations broke down over the business model of the resort, and the project was finally abandoned in late 1989 for good.

    there are no ghosts nor murders nor rape committed in this place: the closest might be the homeless and vagabonds. it was rumoured that the locale was a Japanese execution camp, but excavation did not substantiate such claims. the worst that happened was some workers got hurt, and that’s it.

    http://www.twbbs.net.tw/2821214.html is where i got information. i translated.
    Read more: http://www.craigfergusonimages.com/2007/05/sanzhi-%e4%b8%89%e8%8a%9d-taiwan-abandoned-housinghotel-development/#comment-12388740#ixzz0KnjpZIMk&C

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  20. peiwen

    Hi, thanks for the write-up. It’s very interesting. I’m really intrigued by this place. Been googling around and read that the place has been demolished and is no longer around. Does anyone know if that’s true? I’ll be visiting Taiwan next week and would love to photograph this place, so hoping to find out more.

  21. Jacqueline

    Hi Carrie,

    Any idea if the Pod City is still there? I was planning on going over in March and would love to go out there and take some photos. Any information would be super helpful.


  22. jermaine

    I bet it was a super cool place to visit at the time!
    .-= jermaine´s last blog ..Emotions & Caring Mixed Into One =-.

  23. Dilip Bhoye

    It ‘was’ interesting place to visit.
    .-= Dilip Bhoye´s last blog ..Try before buy =-.

  24. Gary

    These are all just an actual build of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxian house. I believe that was their name. he designed a few different types, but they all revolved around a circular home environment with the concept of making the most use out of the least amount of material.

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  27. hoverZero

    I doubt people could make a shift to something like ‘pod homes’, I think that was the real issue. People live a certain way and if they’re in an alien environment they break down.

  28. James

    I guess the real question is.. after checking out those so called “pods”, would you give up your current place to live in one of those? Assuming they were made out of stronger materials :)

  29. R J Dent

    These photos are fantastic. You’ve really caught San-Zhi’s tangible feeling of neglect, of melancholy, of desolation and futility. Great work.

  30. Steve

    our culture is dissolving – when was the last time you saw human beings build something cool like that? now all we got is a bunch of 2 by 4s and sheet rock.

  31. Mike R.

    Sadly, from what I found online, these amazing structures have been demolished by what seems to be the Taiwanese government! I lost the link, but someone just recently went to the site and all of them were torn down with only the remnants of scraps of multicolored fiberglass on the ground. Sad stuff…

  32. adrianne

    It looks like it was a quick money making scheme for some developers. They intended to create a buzz, get them sold at high prices and get out of it before they notice how shoddy the workmanship was.

  33. aaonjklassen

    kinda reminds me of Silent Hill

  34. buy silver

    This village looks derelict and creep looking. I wonder if people will return to live their one day?

  35. Sam

    hi there. are you sure that they torn it all down? i planned to go there in 4 weeks… please let me know if you anything about it.
    thank you

  36. kevin

    I loved your photos!I live near the woods and theres an abandoned pod village that looks very like these one. Its haunted like this one.(if it were still standing,)i might have to go with you on your next trip up!

  37. dan

    Yep, definitely all gone. We live here in Taipei and these structures and area is now just flat land.

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