Part Man Part Tree: An Indonesian Man’s Incredible Story

Tree Man

This story is incredible. An Indonesian fisherman living in a village south of Jakarta began growing warty roots after cutting his leg in an accident when he was a teenager. At age 35, these tree-like warts have spread over his entire body, encompassing his hands and feet and leaving him unable to perform daily tasks. Read the rest of this unbelievable story at The

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3 thoughts on “Part Man Part Tree: An Indonesian Man’s Incredible Story

  1. Dale Joy Fisher

    This article about tree man is not the first. I have seen something very similar. About 40 years ago, at the Jersy City Medical Center. A man who was covered with tree like material. His feet look like tree trunks, his hands, face, and back were covered. He was about 35-40. He had been an opera singer. His mother said she noticed the changes only five years before he intered the hospital. The doctors did all kinds of test. They couldn’t help him. His skin was becoming resistant to treatment and infections were begining to happen where they took samples. His mental state was becoming unbalanced and he howled like a wolf. I saw him for about 6 months. I do not know what happened to him, only that doctors from all over the world came to see him. They told me it was the third time in medical history that such a thing was heard of. Now I see it, again, after 40 years.


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