Taiwan Bike Trip 2008

Load and Go

The time has come for John and I to ease our nomadic souls again. We’re about due. It’s been three months! I know, we’re so hard done by, eh?

This time, we are staying on terra firma here on the beautiful island of Formusa. As we discovered last year, sometimes the best journeys are found in our own backyard. Some of you may remember that it was just about this time last year that we embarked on a five-day journey by motorcycle that took us from Taipei to the peak of He Huan Mountain, where we slept surrounded by blue mountains, blanketed in the clouds amongst the delicate scent of early cherry blossoms.

From there, we traveled to Sun Moon Lake and then we traced our way back over the mountain range and along Taiwan’s Cross-Central Island Highway, deep into the heart of Taroko Gorge and out along the Eastern Coastal Highway to home sweet home.

This year, we’re doing another famous route. We loaded the newly outfitted motorcycle on the train today and sent it to Taiwan. We are boarding the HSR (High Speed Rail) on Saturday morning to Tainan. The bike is waiting for us there. And then, the journey begins!

This time we will be following the Southern Cross Island Highway, a magnificent route which willl take us through Yushan National Park to the Eastern Coastline. We will spend our first night in Baolai at a hot spring resort. From there we’ll journey to Chihshang Dapo Lake and on to the East Rift Valley Scenic Area. Then we’ll revisit some of the places we passed through last year. We’re spending a night or two in Hualien and a night in Tienshiung, at the heart of Taroko Gorge, before heading back up the coastline to Honeymoon Bay in Northern Taiwan. All in all, the journey should take us about six days.

So folks, that means I’m off the radar for the next week as of Saturday morning. Expect wonderful tales of adventure upon my return and in the meantime, enjoy some of my posts from last year’s bike trip.

Have a wonderful Chinese New Year!

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5 thoughts on “Taiwan Bike Trip 2008

  1. globetrotteri

    Thanks guys,

    I’m getting a little nervous though. I was praying for warm weather yesterday and today seemed warmer, but I just found out we’re going to be traveling through some rough weather next week. We’re severely limited with space, so packing for this trip has been a little stressful. I hope we don’t freeze our asses off!


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