The Bushman’s Diary of a Professional Traveler

Well dear readers, by now you now I have a rather zealous attitude when it comes to travel. Over the past few months, I’ve included links to some of the blogs I enjoy reading on a daily basis.

Last month, I spent the day wandering through Taipei with Lonely Planet author, Joshua Samuel Brown, who also writes one of my favorite travel blogs, Snarky Tofu.

A few weeks ago, I directed you to my favorite travel photographer, Craig Ferguson, whose images never fail to make my jaw drop in wonder and admiration.

Today I’d like to re-introduce a friend of mine, MJ Klein, also known as The New Hampshire Bushman. You may remember my account of his infamous blogger meet-up from a few months ago. MJ’s blog is a long-standing favorite of mine. I’m probably one of his biggest fans. He’s recently completed a series of ‘how-to plan’ travel articles which are fantastic.

Be sure to check them out when you plan your next vacation.

Part 1: Packing

Part 2: Boarding

Part 3: The Flight

Part 4: On the Ground

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