Overloaded Vehicles of Burden in Asia

Taiwan’s Vehicles of Burden

A post that I started over a decade ago just keeps building. You’d think that as we move into more modern times with modern conveniences, we’d stop seeing these crazy vehicles of burden that are piled high with trash, propane tanks, humans, grass, and even meat and live animals being shipped to the local meat market.

The first photo in this series was snapped just this week (June 2018) in Banciao, New Taipei.

Our local recycling lady has been keeping our streets clean and her wallet well-padded by driving around our neighborhood to collect recycled goods, which she can then trade in at the recycling center up the road for us. Our streets are exceptionally clean thanks to her hard back-breaking work.

Taiwan is always interesting. In a city as modern as Taipei, it’s still easy to see glimpses of the past intermingling amongst the modern conveniences of today. The world is truly a spectacular place.

Cambodia’s Vehicles of Burden

Spotted at the border crossing at Poipet in Cambodia, I really wondered how all that grass was staying on top of that overloaded scooter with no less than six humans on top of all of it in the middle of downtown traffic in Poipet.

Grassy Ride

A heavily overloaded cart of grass being pulled by a motorcycle with a family on top.

Overloaded Boat

On Ton le Sap Lake in Cambodia, the only way to move house or get goods to your floating village is by loading it and all your friends into a boat. We couldn’t figure out what was in the bags, but it sure looked like an uncomfortable ride.


A man and his son wading through the waters of Ton le Sap with a load of wood.

Drunken Pig

This one isn’t too clear because I took it from the front seat of our car. There’s a pig on the back of that motorcycle. Farmers get their pigs drunk on rice wine before loading them up on their backs to take to market. We tried desperately to get a better picture, but those motorcycles move fast!

Scooter Load

Overloaded on the Road

Yet another photo taken from the front seat of our car. There were over a dozen men and women crammed into the back of this truck.

Bike in Trunk

Have car? Have motorcycle? Will travel….with some guy crammed in the back holding on for dear life.

Loaded Down

This one is just ridiculous. The truck was so heavy, it was barely moving. In some Asian countries people seem to overload their vehicles with sometimes funny, most of the time incredible results.

Asia is completely off the rails. I had a rubber neck from all the gawking. What a trip!

5 thoughts on “Overloaded Vehicles of Burden in Asia

  1. stevo

    I am constantly amazed by the sheer volumes loaded onto Asian vehicles. These are very good examples. I have tried to photograph that same sort of scenes, and like you ended up with unclear results.

  2. globetrotteri

    Nothing makes me smile harder than seeing one of these puppies heading towards me on the road. It boggles my mind when I see people crammed into the tiniest spaces or sitting out in the burning sun. They’re a lot tougher than I am. I don’t know if I could travel like this for a long period of time.

  3. globetrotteri

    Thanks Jo. I don’t think the pictures are great but if they made you laugh then they’ve served their purpose.

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