I’ve Walked The Central Cross Island Highway

Rich Matheson: Southern Cross-Island Highway

I found this inscription just outside of Chinma Tunnel at the entrance to the old Hehuan Mountain Trail. I paused to jot it down in my journal and thought it was only fitting that I post it here for the rest of you to enjoy.

I’ve walked the Central Cross Island Highway, through the magical changes of spring, summer, winter and fall, pausing at the wonders of dawn and dusk, the clear blue skies and stormy weather.

At the Eternal Spring Shrine, I am moved by the tragedies told in the structures of the tunnel of nine turns.  I gaze in awe at the cliffs rising overhead. 

At Tienshiang, I marvel at the natural folds along the confluencing edges of rivers and at Hsipau, I am inspired by the work of the farmers who bring fruit from the land. 

At Kuanguan, I sit amidst the clouds and peaks at Tayuling.  I see the wonderous sunken faults and at Hehuan Mountain, I am hypnotised by the snow and the firs.  Journeying along this road, I pass through time absorbing its memories, history and legends.                              

– Anonymous              

10 thoughts on “I’ve Walked The Central Cross Island Highway

  1. jorees

    This morning the first thing I thought about was the island highway and spiritual journey you depicted through your words and images. Again excellent post. The photos are fantastic however the first one with the bike is my favorite.

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  4. zuzana

    this is the way I remember Taroko and you just took pictures of it and somebody wrote it down…


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