MY SEVERAL WORLDS – Travel Asia with Me!

Carrie Kellenberger in Hualien City

Carrie Kellenberger in Hualien City, Taiwan

I’m Carrie, and I left Canada in 2003 to see the world. Somewhere along the way, I ended up falling in love with Asia, and the rest is what you see here on MSW.

My husband and I have kept a home base on Planet Taiwan since 2006, but we’ve traveled all over the world.  

Come and travel Asia with me!

Life as a Canadian expat overseas is full of surprises, and many of those surprises are stories that are featured here on My Several Worlds

We’ve traveled all over Taiwan by motorcycle, we’ve been cenote swimming in Vietnam, I’ve moonlighted as a nightclub singer in China, and I’ve walked in Buddha’s footsteps in Laos.

Nowadays, we don’t travel as far or as long as we used to because I have been living abroad with several chronic illnesses that keep us tied to our residence in Taiwan. Over the past four years due to my health, we’ve turned to Taiwan to help here.

I spend a lot of my time volunteering with various organizations here in Taiwan to help other foreign business owners that are getting My Several Worlds - Canada and Taiwanstarted with their business through my work with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.

This is a unique opportunity that has allowed me to meet expats from all over the world and to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan on a number of initiatives, including meeting and greeting Canadian delegations that come to Taiwan to learn more about the ties that bind our two great countries, Canada and Taiwan, together.

Backpacking is out of the question now, but the pleasure in changing our travel style is that it has brought a whole unique perspective to the countries we visit and the cultures we learn about.

There are some real challenges to travel of any sort when you’re chronically ill, but it is possible. This is my journey…

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